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nostalgia_gnome's Journal

Nostalgia ~ emphasizing the 60's, 70's and 80's
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60's, 70's, 80's, aerosmith, after school specials, alf, animation, atari, bandstand, barbie, bicentennial, blondie, blues brothers, boston, breakfast club, bugs bunny, cabbage patch kids, cartoons, cheap trick, cheers, chevy chase, chilly willy, commercials, concerts, curious george, different strokes, disco, disney, donna summer, drive-in theatres, drugs, dukes of hazzard, duran duran, e.t., eagles, easy bake ovens, elton john, etch-a-sketch, facts of life, fat albert, ferris bueler, flashdance, fleetwood mac, flintstones, free love, g.i. joe, genesis, ghostbusters, gremlins, happy days, heart, hippies, history, hitchhiking, hot tubs, hot wheels, huckleberry hound, icons, inspector gadget, jetsons, jfk, jimi hendrix, jingles, jonestown massacre, kool aid, kung fu, land before time, led zeppelin, leg warmers, legos, leisure suits, lite brite, literature, looney toons, lynyrd skynyrd, man on the moon, matchbox, mlk, moody blues, movies, mtv, muppets, music, nanu nanu, new wave, news, nostalgia, oingo boingo, pac man, patti hearst, peanuts, pink floyd, pink panther, poltergeist, popping zits, posters, pound puppies, punky brewster, recess, records, reminiscing, retro, risky business, rock and roll, rocky and bullwinkle, rocky horror, roller skating, rolling stones, rubik's cube, saturday morning cartoons, school, school house rock, sesame street, sex, silver spoons, sixteen candles, skateboards, smurfs, snl, space invaders, star wars, steve miller band, teenage mutant ninja turtles, television shows, test tube baby, the beatles, the breakfast club, the cars, the go-go's, the gong show, the good old days, the rolling stones, three mile island, three's company, thriller, tom and jerry, van halen, vietnam, walkman, watergate, weebles, weed, who shot j.r.?, wonder woman, woodstock, woody wood pecker, yes, yogi bear, zz top